Q: Where can you install a resin floor?

A: resin floors can be installed on the entire surface of your home or apartment, starting from the living room through the kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

Q: What surfaces can you install a resin floor on?

Resin floors can be installed on most subfloors. Starting from varieties of concrete and levelling screeds, fermacell boards, calcium boards, tiles and timber. (please contact for specification)

Q: How long to install a resin floor and thickness after installation?

Time to install Resin floor is from 3 to 5 days and thickness is from 2mm to 8mm all depends on the system. (please contact for more specific information)

Q: What colours are available?

The range of colours is unlimited, you can choose from RAL or NCS palette. However, we have the most popular colours prepared which will help you with choosing your dream floor!

Q: Do resin floors work with underfloor heating?

The pouring floors are working perfectly with underfloor heating as without, thanks to thermal conductivity our floors are very pleasant in touch.

Q: Are resin floors waterproof?

Yes. Once installed they are completely waterproof and can be used in shower trays and even saunas.

Q: How to maintain a resin floors?

The resin floors can be cleaned, vacuumed and washed with a mop.  You can sweep a normal or rubber broom to remove dust as well as larger particles.  In the case of a vacuum cleaner, use only a tip with a brush (to avoid scratches). We recommend washing with a flat mop (no streaks) or a steam mop.  The flooring is suitable for most cleaning agents, but we recommend using them only dissolved in warm water.